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Humax Products and Services

At Hancocks Television & Computer Services, we are proud to be partners of Humax, who we believe to be at the forefront of Freeview and Free Sat innovation and technology. For the latest prices of any of the Humax products we provide, please contact us on 01225 832737 or email us at sales@hancocksofbath.co.uk

Listed below are the products we can provide as Humax Specialists:

Humax Freeview

HDR-2000T Freeview 500GB HDD Recorder

HDR-2000T/1TB Freeview 1TB HDD Recorder

YouView DTR-T10001TB Freeview HD 1TB HDD Recorder

YouView DTR-T1010 Freeview HD 500GB HDD Recorder

YouView DTR-T10101TB Freeview HD 1TB HDD Recorder

Humax FreeSat HD

HB-1000S FreeSat Generation 2 STB with FreeTime

HDR-1000S FreeSat Generation 2 500GB HDD Recorder

HDR-1000S1TB FreeSat Generation 2 1TB HDD Recorder (Special Edition)

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