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Samsung LE37M87BDXXEU whited out picture

Posted by Peter Hancock on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, In : Repair 
A Samsung lcd tv with whited out picture does not necessarily mean the screen is faulty. It is usually down to a component or two which drives the graphics to the screen, of which we now keep in stock as they are common to a lot of Samsung models and can regularly give other strange picture faults such as a solarised or negative picture.

Not an easy repair, but still cheaper than a new tv.

Known affected models:

Other similar models likely to also be affec...
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Philips 37PFL9603H10 looses Freeview channels, brief picture then blank

Posted by Peter Hancock on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, In : Repair 
Although I'm not currently a fan of Philips TVs (tracing their circuitry is a like trying to find a needle in a quagmire), the Philips 37PFL9603H10 can be more straight forward to fix and therefore cost-effective.

If your Philips 37PFL9603H10 has recently lost its Freeview channels, and/or you get a brief glimpse of channel name also showing before going blank (with the backlight still on) with no audio or display, then this should be repairable.

Although I've not come across one yet, I'd imagi...
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