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Evotel ELCD40USBFHD no power/dead - repair

Posted by Peter Hancock on Thursday, March 19, 2015, In : Repair 
The Evotel brand may not be a well known brand, but they do the job of sound and vision just fine. However, if you have a tendency to turn these off at night then they can get intermittent power switch issues, eventually resulting in a power fault.

We have the parts in stock and can do a quick turn around on repair.

Known Affected Models:


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Bush LCD40883F1080P not turning on - repair

Posted by Peter Hancock on Thursday, March 19, 2015, In : Repair 
These 40" LCD tvs tend to get issues after 3 years due to some sub-stand components. However, they give a very good HD picture pound for pound and have plenty of connection ports.

If your Bush LCD40883F1080P is not turning on, with the white standby light briefly flashing off and then back on, then it may have the same issue to what we have seen come into the repair shop.

If you want to bring it in for repair then we will upgrade the components and potentially save you £100 or more on a new tv...
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We now accept card payments!

Posted by Peter Hancock on Friday, March 13, 2015, In : Service 
Ok, so this is a little bit out of date as we have had a card machine for a few months now!

We can take payments in shop and over the phone, however there is a charge for credit cards which we will make clear beforehand.

This also means that should you not live in Bath and want to send us something to repair then we can now do so much easier - no missing cheques in the post!


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