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Samsung UE32F5000AK/UE32F5300AK no backlights/no picture repair

October 29, 2015
We can now source the screen components required to repair Samsung UE32F5000AK and UE32F5300AK tv models that suffer from no picture/no backlights issues (but the sound comes on ok).

Samsung (and other manufacturers) have long denied tv engineers the parts required for this economical repair which meant a lot of tvs got unnecessarily thrown out at the dump by people. It is very encouraging to see Samsung and LG now starting to supply screen components and hopefully others will follow suit.

Please note that Samsung and LG do not yet supply screen components for all models but the range is increasing. I will try to update the models as and when they become available.

Known affected models:
Samsung UE32F5000AK
Samsung UE32F5000AKXXU
Samsung UE32F5300AK
Samsung UE32F5300AKXXU
Samsung UE32ES6540
Samsung UE32ES6540XXU

Update: We only repair tvs and do not supply spares to people who want to do it themselves. If you want to have your tv repaired, I recommend that it is done by a Qualified TV Engineer.
Your Local TV engineer can be found here. Thank you.


Evotel ELCD40USBFHD no power/dead - repair

March 19, 2015
The Evotel brand may not be a well known brand, but they do the job of sound and vision just fine. However, if you have a tendency to turn these off at night then they can get intermittent power switch issues, eventually resulting in a power fault.

We have the parts in stock and can do a quick turn around on repair.

Known Affected Models:


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Bush LCD40883F1080P not turning on - repair

March 19, 2015
These 40" LCD tvs tend to get issues after 3 years due to some sub-stand components. However, they give a very good HD picture pound for pound and have plenty of connection ports.

If your Bush LCD40883F1080P is not turning on, with the white standby light briefly flashing off and then back on, then it may have the same issue to what we have seen come into the repair shop.

If you want to bring it in for repair then we will upgrade the components and potentially save you £100 or more on a new tv...
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We now accept card payments!

March 13, 2015
Ok, so this is a little bit out of date as we have had a card machine for a few months now!

We can take payments in shop and over the phone, however there is a charge for credit cards which we will make clear beforehand.

This also means that should you not live in Bath and want to send us something to repair then we can now do so much easier - no missing cheques in the post!


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Toshiba 40L1333 LED TV sound no picture/backlight

February 11, 2015
We are starting to see LED tvs in the repair shop now, it seems to be that the new LED technology is having some teething issues and are failing earlier than expected.

We are still at the early stages of repair methods for these, however we have had some good success getting the picture back.

If you have a Toshiba LED tv with sound, but either no picture or a very dark picture then it we should be able to repair it.

Affected known models:
Toshiba 32L1333
Toshiba 32L1333D
Toshiba 40L1333
Toshiba 40L1...
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Panasonic DMREZ47VEBK vhs recording issues - picture tearing

February 9, 2015
We have recently had a couple of similar Panasonic recorders come in with various issues. One is where the recording in VHS mode gives picture tearing issues, even though a normal VHS retail tape will play ok. This is usually down to wear and tear and we can currently still obtain the parts to repair this. Thankfully Panasonic uses the same parts in a few different models making it easier to get them (as they are more common).

Remember, any DVD read error issues on these models including fault...
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Closed for Christmas/NewYear

December 23, 2014
Its time for a bit of respite!

The shop will be closed from the 24th December and will reopen on Monday the 5th of January 2015

We wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, any computer/tv issues in 2015 - you know where to find us!

All our Best Wishes,
Pete & Tim

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Email Spam update

December 23, 2014
I believe we have now managed to stop the phishing emails coming from our domain name.

If you receive any please delete the email and do not open any attachments.

Thank you for your patience,
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Warning: We have recently been targeted by spam/phishing scambots.

December 8, 2014

We have recently been targeted by spam/phishing scambots. If you have received an unexpected email pretending to be from us requesting payment/regarding an order please flag/report it as a phishing scam. DO NOT attempt to open any attachments. The email will be from info@hancocksofbath.co.uk, this is not an email owned by us.

We are currently looking into this and the issue has been reported to our email provider.

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Evotel LCD40USBFHD picture too bright/colour bleed issues/solarised

December 2, 2014
Not a well known make, but we have found that the Evotel LCD40USBFHD uses the same screens that you will find in a lot of Samsung TVs. These sometimes get a fault where the picture is too bright or the colour runs or shows the wrong colours in faces etc. The picture may become solarised or negative, and all these faults may be present on switch on or occur after the tv has warmed up after a few minutes.

This is usually due to components overheating, and not necessarily a faulty screen.

Good new...
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Bush LED24970FHDT/LED24970DVDFHD TV repair - Dead/Died while turning on. Now no power

November 5, 2014
We are starting to see some Bush LED24970FHDT and Bush LED24970DVDFHD TVs in for repair.

Some have been reported the TV losing power when trying to turn on, other have said it died while watching tv. Either way, as long as its "dead" and there is no standby light on it then there's a good chance we can repair it for a sensible price.

Known Affected TVs:
Bush LED24970FHDT

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Samsung LE37M87BDXXEU whited out picture

October 29, 2014
A Samsung lcd tv with whited out picture does not necessarily mean the screen is faulty. It is usually down to a component or two which drives the graphics to the screen, of which we now keep in stock as they are common to a lot of Samsung models and can regularly give other strange picture faults such as a solarised or negative picture.

Not an easy repair, but still cheaper than a new tv.

Known affected models:

Other similar models likely to also be affec...
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Philips 37PFL9603H10 looses Freeview channels, brief picture then blank

October 29, 2014
Although I'm not currently a fan of Philips TVs (tracing their circuitry is a like trying to find a needle in a quagmire), the Philips 37PFL9603H10 can be more straight forward to fix and therefore cost-effective.

If your Philips 37PFL9603H10 has recently lost its Freeview channels, and/or you get a brief glimpse of channel name also showing before going blank (with the backlight still on) with no audio or display, then this should be repairable.

Although I've not come across one yet, I'd imagi...
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Sony KDL40D3500 white/faint picture repair

July 18, 2014
We can repair Sony KDL40D3500 LCD TVs (and similar) that suffer from a white or faint picture. This fault may come and go, or be present permanently, either way we can fix it for you.
We keep the parts in stock for a quick turn around so that you don't miss out on your favourite programs!

Give us a ring or pop in for a quotation.

All repairs are subject to an initial inspection charge that is taken off the final repair bill on completion. No further charges applied should the repair fail.
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Low space on your laptop?

July 18, 2014
Low space on your laptop? We can upgrade your hard drive to give you more storage space - without reinstalling or losing any of your photos/music/videos or documents.

Ring for a quote now on 01225 832737
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