There have been a number of Samsung tvs coming into the workshop with either a purple/bluey picture issue or have white spots.

Purple/bluey picture:
This fault is caused by a chemical change in the leds, which leads to a change in the colour they emit. We now have stock of compatible alternative to the most common Samsung strips, and can replace the whole led array to cure this fault. These strips are of better quality than the originals and should not have the same issue in the future!

White spots:
This fault is caused by the Led lens cap/s falling off the led. This can be repaired by either refitting the lens cap/s or by replacing the whole led array. We recommend doing the latter as otherwise other lens caps can fall off in the future and it is not uncommon to find the odd dead or blue led once dismantled!

We give a 1 year warranty on all led strips fitted.

Please contact us with your model number for a quote

Known affected models:
Samsung UE40J5100AKXXU
Samsung UE48JU6740UXXU