We can now source the screen components required to repair Samsung UE32F5000AK and UE32F5300AK tv models that suffer from no picture/no backlights issues (but the sound comes on ok).

Samsung (and other manufacturers) have long denied tv engineers the parts required for this economical repair which meant a lot of tvs got unnecessarily thrown out at the dump by people. It is very encouraging to see Samsung and LG now starting to supply screen components and hopefully others will follow suit.

Please note that Samsung and LG do not yet supply screen components for all models but the range is increasing. I will try to update the models as and when they become available.

Known affected models:
Samsung UE32F5000AK
Samsung UE32F5000AKXXU
Samsung UE32F5300AK
Samsung UE32F5300AKXXU
Samsung UE32ES6540
Samsung UE32ES6540XXU

Update: We only repair tvs and do not supply spares to people who want to do it themselves. If you want to have your tv repaired, I recommend that it is done by a Qualified TV Engineer.
Your Local TV engineer can be found here. Thank you.