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Philips 50PFP5532D05 Plasma TV - Clicking noise, red flashing standby

Posted by Peter Hancock on Friday, July 18, 2014, In : Repair 
This beast (in a good way) of a TV packs a punch with plenty of ports including 2 HDMI points for external devices. These TVs, however, tend to run quite hot and therefore some components do wear out over a period of time. We can get these parts and if your faulty Philips TV refuses to turn on and has a clicking noise every few seconds then it may be time for a service.

Please ring beforehand to make an appointment (or we can call out to Bath area), this is not a TV that you want to lug around...
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LG 42PQ3000ZA Plasma TV - turns on and off, clicking noise/dead

Posted by Peter Hancock on Thursday, January 30, 2014, In : Repair 
Although Plasma TVs are not my favourite thing in the world, I have to admit that LG, Panasonic and Samsung have made some rather nice ones. Some are more repairable than others though, and LG's 42PQ3000ZA can usually be repaired for a reasonable fee compared to most - If your 42PQ3000ZA has been struggling to turn on, clicks on and off with a red to green back to red standby light then it can usually be repaired (ideally the sooner you bring it in the better).

Other models included are:

LG 42P...
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Yet more Samsung LCD TVs in for repair!

Posted by Peter Hancock on Tuesday, April 24, 2012, In : Repair 
Within the last couple of months we have seen an increase in the Samsung A55 model versions coming in for repair. This includes the LE40A557P2FXXU and LE40A559P4FXXU. They appear to have a similar power supply issue to the older  LE40R88BDXXEU and LE40R87BDXXEU models but currently we can repair them slightly cheaper and due to components required.

If you have a Samsung LE40A557P2, LEA559P4F or a similar model and it is taking longer to turn on, turns itself off or refuses to turn on at all (p...
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