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Samsung 32/37/40" LCD TVs - Image imprinting issues/Text ghosting

Posted by Peter Hancock on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, In : Repair 
We are now able to offer repairs to Samsung LCD TVs (and some other makes) that have Image Retention issues. This fault can include smearing, text remaining on screen after its gone, images remaining on screen from previous channels (ghosting effect). The screen may also be reddish and darker than normal. Some, or all of these issues may be present, but all can be cured by us.

This is found on (but not limited to):

Samsung LE32R86BDXXEU
Samsung LE37R86BDXXEU
Samsung LE40R86BDXXEU
Samsung LE32R87BD...
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LG 32LG7000 LCD TV Picture issues

Posted by Peter Hancock on Thursday, January 19, 2012, In : Repair 
We have recently had an increase of faulty LG LCD TVs, and although rarely the same problem, we have noticed that the LG LG7000 series, most notably the LG 32LG7000ZA, there is an issue where the picture can switch off at random intervals yet the sound remains perfectly fine.

Although this usually suggests faulty components, it can just be a case that the TV just needs a good servicing. This service could cost as little as £30+VAT so please consider having it repaired before letting it end up...
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