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Samsung UE43NU7400 Picture Jumps or No Start up, Led blinks

Posted by Peter Hancock on Friday, September 22, 2023, In : Repair 
Samsung UE43NU7400 Picture Jumps or No Start up, Led blinks

Both of these issues can be caused by a faulty screen, which in most cases we can now repair!

Please contact us for an estimate.

Known Affected Models:

Samsung UE43NU7400
Samsung UE43NU7400K
Samsung UE43NU7400KXXU
Samsung UE50NU7470
Samsung UE50NU7470K
Samsung UE50NU7470KXXU
Samsung UE50RU7400
Samsung UE50RU7400K
Samsung UE50RU7400KXXU
Samsung UE55TU8500
Samsung UE55TU8500U
Samsung UE55TU8500UXXU

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Samsung UE50NU7470UXXU picture bounce/screen jumps/jitters - Repair

Posted by Peter Hancock on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, In : Repair 
Samsung UE50NU7470UXXU picture bounce/screen jumps/jitters - Repair

We have the tools required to repair this particular issue and have a high success rate of repair.
Please note that we will require the whole tv in our workshop for repair as it is a repair on the screen rather than a board, so don't post any boards to us!

This fix may apply to other similar Samsung models so please get in touch with your Make & Model and we will get back to you with an estimate for repair.
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Samsung UE49KS7000U led tv dead/no power repair

Posted by Peter Hancock on Friday, June 10, 2022, In : Repair 
I had two of these fantastic looking Samsung UE49KS7000U led tvs come into the workshop this week. Both with the same fault - dead/no power and although the faulty components in question were slightly different they were both repairable at a reasonable cost (Estimate £75-80).

This Samsung model looks more modern than some of the tvs being churned out now by the industry and well worth the fix.

Contact us via our online form or ring and we will be happy to help!

Known Affected Models:

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Samsung LT32E390SXXU led tv repair - Dead/Died while watching

Posted by Peter Hancock on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, In : Repair 
When released, the Samsung LT32E390SXXU 32" led tv was a very reasonably priced but solid made tv... However it looks like some of the components can randomly go "pop" and the good news is that this is repairable with upgraded components for a reasonable price!

Please contact us for a quote/appointment for drop off at the workshop.

Known tv models affected:

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Samsung UE32J5100AKXXU Purple Picture or White Spots

Posted by Peter Hancock on Thursday, February 10, 2022, In : Repair 
We now have in stock the new/improved led arrays for the Samsung UE32J5100AKXXU which can suffer from a purple or blue-ish picture as well as white spots where the led lens fall off. The best and most reliable way to fix both issues is to replace the whole led array. Repair cost starts from £79 and comes with a 1 year warranty on the led array.
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Samsung UE58J5200AKXXU - dead/no power

Posted by Peter Hancock on Thursday, October 14, 2021, In : Repair 
Recently one of these very large tvs came in for repair with symptoms of no power.
Thankfully our bench is just about big enough for this beast and we were able to dismantle it for inspection.

On inspection we found blown components on the power board causing the fault. We can source various repair kits for this model and should be able to repair this at a reasonable price. Please ring for a quote and book an appointment before bringing it in. We can also collect/deliver at an additional cost.

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Samsung tvs with purple/bluey picture or has white spots on screen

Posted by Peter Hancock on Monday, October 11, 2021, In : Repair 
There have been a number of Samsung tvs coming into the workshop with either a purple/bluey picture issue or have white spots.

Purple/bluey picture:
This fault is caused by a chemical change in the leds, which leads to a change in the colour they emit. We now have stock of compatible alternative to the most common Samsung strips, and can replace the whole led array to cure this fault. These strips are of better quality than the originals and should not have the same issue in the future!

White sp...

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Samsung UE46F5000AKXXU led tv no start up/flashing red standby repair

Posted by Peter Hancock on Friday, February 2, 2018, In : Repair 
We're now starting to see a few Samsung UE46F5000AKXXU led tvs coming into our workshop that no longer start up although they have a flashing red standby light showing there is still power present. Some of these initially had start up problems but would eventually work, but after extended use, then failed to come on at all.

If we can catch it early enough then hopefully we won't have to replace extra components that get damaged, but either way we have now identified and stock the required part...
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Samsung UE32EH4000W tv dead/no power repair

Posted by Peter Hancock on Wednesday, January 24, 2018, In : Repair 
We have recently had a few Samsung UE32EH4000W tvs coming in which are dead.
Despite not being made in the same factory as most other tv brands, they appear to suffer from a similar fault to others so we have a ready stock of components to fix them.

This affects UE32EH4000W/UE32EH4000WXXU models and potentially other Samsungs with a similar model - I will try to update as we find more.

Please note: We do not give free advice on DIY repairs, if you would like your tv repaired it will need to be b...

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Samsung UE32F5000AK/UE32F5300AK no backlights/no picture repair

Posted by Peter Hancock on Thursday, October 29, 2015, In : Repair 
We can now source the screen components required to repair Samsung UE32F5000AK and UE32F5300AK tv models that suffer from no picture/no backlights issues (but the sound comes on ok).

Samsung (and other manufacturers) have long denied tv engineers the parts required for this economical repair which meant a lot of tvs got unnecessarily thrown out at the dump by people. It is very encouraging to see Samsung and LG now starting to supply screen components and hopefully others will follow suit.

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Samsung LE37M87BDXXEU whited out picture

Posted by Peter Hancock on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, In : Repair 
A Samsung lcd tv with whited out picture does not necessarily mean the screen is faulty. It is usually down to a component or two which drives the graphics to the screen, of which we now keep in stock as they are common to a lot of Samsung models and can regularly give other strange picture faults such as a solarised or negative picture.

Not an easy repair, but still cheaper than a new tv.

Known affected models:

Other similar models likely to also be affec...
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Samsung models LE32A456C2D and LE32A457C1D TV Repairs - Slow to turn on/turns itself off

Posted by Peter Hancock on Tuesday, May 6, 2014, In : Repair 
Both the Samsung LE32A456C2D and LE32A457C1D LCD TVs suffer from a few power-related issues. Sometimes it can be slow to turn on or refuse to turn on, and other times it can suddenly just turn itself off. These issues may happen together or independently of each other but are both repairable and cheaper than buying a new TV. These also have a good number of external connections available that modern TVs no longer have due to cost-cutting, and the HD picture will be just as good, if not better...
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Samsung LE27T51BXXEU TV sound ok but no picture

Posted by Peter Hancock on Thursday, January 30, 2014, In : Repair 
The Samsung LE27T51BXXEU TV is older model granted, but the picture and sound on it aren't that far off some more modern TVs. If your Samsung LE27T51BX has recently lost it's picture but the sound remains ok - Might just be worth getting it repaired as components are still available for it, and at an affordable cost.
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Samsung 32/37/40" LCD TVs - Image imprinting issues/Text ghosting

Posted by Peter Hancock on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, In : Repair 
We are now able to offer repairs to Samsung LCD TVs (and some other makes) that have Image Retention issues. This fault can include smearing, text remaining on screen after its gone, images remaining on screen from previous channels (ghosting effect). The screen may also be reddish and darker than normal. Some, or all of these issues may be present, but all can be cured by us.

This is found on (but not limited to):

Samsung LE32R86BDXXEU
Samsung LE37R86BDXXEU
Samsung LE40R86BDXXEU
Samsung LE32R87BD...
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Samsung LE32A456C2DXXU Repairs

Posted by Peter Hancock on Thursday, November 1, 2012, In : Repair 
We are currently getting a number of these into the workshop where some refuse to turn on (continuous red flashing light) or where sometimes they turn on and off again or switch themselves off.

These can be separate issues but both can usually be repaired within one working day. These tvs still give an outstanding picture (especially in HD) and the sound will be far superior to the cheap knock offs you get in the Supermarket. Think I'm being biased? Having worked on a fair number of TVs that h...
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*New Product Alert* Samsung Freeview HD LED Smart TV/Monitors

Posted by Peter Hancock on Friday, September 14, 2012, In : Products 

 An impressive looking product from Samsung, we can now pre-order these beauties which come with a 2 year guarantee. Specs include Full HD LED, Freeview HD, and Intel WiDi which allows wireless connectivity from your mobile/tablet/laptop and other devices. This enables you to access all your multimedia content, whether it be apps, movies or music. It can even double up as your PC's HD LED monitor!

Whatever you inspire to use it for, we can show you how to get the most of this hi-tech gear.

24" ...
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Samsung LCD TV Erratic volume and channel behaviour

Posted by Peter Hancock on Thursday, August 9, 2012, In : Repair 
Some Samsung LCD TVs are experience odd behaviour where the volume goes up or down by itself or may channel flick without you pressing any buttons. This can be a fault within the tv, not necessarily the remote! However this is repairable and we generally have the parts in stock for quick turn around.

Models affected:

LE32A456C2D or similar
LE32B450C4W or similar
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Yet more Samsung LCD TVs in for repair!

Posted by Peter Hancock on Tuesday, April 24, 2012, In : Repair 
Within the last couple of months we have seen an increase in the Samsung A55 model versions coming in for repair. This includes the LE40A557P2FXXU and LE40A559P4FXXU. They appear to have a similar power supply issue to the older  LE40R88BDXXEU and LE40R87BDXXEU models but currently we can repair them slightly cheaper and due to components required.

If you have a Samsung LE40A557P2, LEA559P4F or a similar model and it is taking longer to turn on, turns itself off or refuses to turn on at all (p...
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Samsung LCD TV Repairs

Posted by Peter Hancock on Thursday, August 11, 2011, In : Repair 
We have had a recent influx of Samsung LCD TVs coming in for repair, it appears that they tend to break down after about 3 years.

Models affected:



Fault Symptoms include: No picture/ No backlight/  sound may be present/ TV will not turn on/ TV turns itself back to standby

If you find that your Samsung LCD TV keeps switching itself off then we recommend you have it looked at by a repairman as soon as possible, continual use o...
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Last Samsung HT-C450 in stock! Only £99.95!

Posted by Peter Hancock on Friday, July 29, 2011, In : Products 
We have one Samsung HT-C450 5.1 Surround Sound DVD System left in stock!

It's brand new but we need to clear space so hurry as this one is going for just £99.95, normal price £149.95.


Ring 01225 832737 or pop in store for this great offer

Plus Installation charge, if required

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