The latest batch of Toshiba TV models appear to have similar problems to the 22BL702B/19DL502B/22DL702B/22DL704B range.

The models 22DL833B, 22DL834B, 24DL1333B, 24DL1333B2 and 24DL1433DB all have a common fault where they will suddenly turn off while on and then lose power becoming completely dead. They may also decide just not to turn on one day with a flashing standby light. Although 24" and similar size TVs don't cost the Earth these days - they are even cheaper to repair. Plus its one less TV that needlessly ends up in a landfill site, which can only be a good thing.

This is a component-based repair and we upgrade all the components in question so that this fault should hopefully not reoccur. As always, we do a warranty on all repairs for peace of mind.


Polite notice: I receive a lot of calls from people around the UK who stumble across our website when trying to find out why their TV has gone pop. While I'd like to help repair as many TVs as possible, I am self-employed and do not get paid to give out free information; nor can I risk unqualified people electrocuting themselves with a bit of DIY repair.

If you can not find a Qualified TV engineer nearby, I would be happy for you to post me either the tv or potentially the faulty board in question and I will repair it for you. There is of course a risk you have to take of the tv being damaged in transit, but I have repaired a number of these TVs in this manner with no issues. If you would like to do this then please email me prior to sending the TV. 

With regards to sending a faulty board, please contact me to verify the exact symptoms of the tv failure first. Dismantling and handling any parts inside a television is done at your own risk and I do not and will not take any responsibility for any injury or any damage that may occur from doing so. 

Thanks for reading.

Known affected models:

Toshiba 22DL833B
Toshiba 22DL834B
Toshiba 24DL1333B
Toshiba 24DL1333B2
Toshiba 24DL1433DB