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43A Upper Bloomfield Rd
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Phone: 01225 832737

When enquiring about a TV repair please supply the Make and Model number, thank you

Note: We can not repair tvs with cracked or damaged screens. Unfortunately it is cheaper to buy a new tv than replace the screen.


We will be closed on the following dates:

Monday 27th May

Tuesday 28th May

Wednesday 29th May

Thursday 30th May

Friday 31st May

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Terms and Conditions of Repair:

There is an Inspection Charge of £30 for all repairs, this is charged up front and is non-refundable.

A smaller or larger Inspection Charge may be applied depending on the repair item.

We will do our upmost to repair and return your equipment in the state that it arrived. Due to this being a manual labour job, there are times when equipment can not be returned in its original state. TVs, laptops or equipment that use plastic clips instead of screws become brittle over time and may snap when dismantled. Screws may also be over-tightened in manufacturing and therefore difficult to remove, causing stripped or broken heads. Plastic casing can also suffer from brittleness and may break when screws are removed or refitted.

Any of the issues noted above and any minor cosmetic damage is not covered under any warranty we give. Any item collected or returned to you should be checked before payment and should you be unhappy with the state of your equipment please notify us straight away so we can try to resolve the matter. If the issue is brought to our attention after it has been collected by you then we do not accept any liability on such damage as it may have happened during or after transit from our workshop to your destination. This also applies to damaged screens – Screens will always be shown before collection that they are in good working order, we are not liable for any damage that may occur during transit to and from the workshop, unless transported by us.

LED Backlight replacement approval:

Due to the complex nature of backlight replacement and the risk of panel damage during the procedure we may ask that you sign a form to accept the terms of the repair attempt, or give a verbal warning before repair if this is not possible. Such risks are that during the repair process the display panel/screen has to be disassembled and at any point the screen may become damaged/cracked due to how fragile this component can be and how the display panel was originally manufactured (some companies glue or use strong boding tape to hold the screen in position, this can be extremely difficult and risky to remove )

While we take every precaution when undertaking the repair we do not accept liability on such damage caused, these repairs are not manufacturer approved . We require a non-refundable £30 inspection fee on collection of the product. This is to cover some of the pre-ordered parts prior to the products repair. This will be deducted from the final repair charge.