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LG OLED tv repairs

April 4, 2024
We are now starting to see OLED televisions turning up in our repair workshop.

While we can not repair faulty OLED panels, we have seen a number of LG OLED tvs with dead or faulty psu boards - we now have stock of the likely components that have blown. If your LG OLED tv is either completely dead (no standby light) or has a flashing standby light then it may be possible to repair.

Affected models:



SONY KD55XF8796 dead/no power

September 22, 2023
SONY KD55XF8796 is Dead/had no Power

This fault may be down to power components and are currently available in our workshop stock. 
Repairable at a very reasonable price, please get in touch for an estimate!
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Sony KD55XF9005 no or intermittent response to remote control

September 22, 2023
Sony KD55XF9005 no or intermittent response to remote control

We can currently source the parts to repair this fault, please contact us for an estimate
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Samsung UE43NU7400 Picture Jumps or No Start up, Led blinks

September 22, 2023
Samsung UE43NU7400 Picture Jumps or No Start up, Led blinks

Both of these issues can be caused by a faulty screen, which in most cases we can now repair!

Please contact us for an estimate.

Known Affected Models:

Samsung UE43NU7400
Samsung UE43NU7400K
Samsung UE43NU7400KXXU
Samsung UE50NU7470
Samsung UE50NU7470K
Samsung UE50NU7470KXXU
Samsung UE50RU7400
Samsung UE50RU7400K
Samsung UE50RU7400KXXU
Samsung UE55TU8500
Samsung UE55TU8500U
Samsung UE55TU8500UXXU

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Samsung UE50NU7470UXXU picture bounce/screen jumps/jitters - Repair

June 6, 2023
Samsung UE50NU7470UXXU picture bounce/screen jumps/jitters - Repair

We have the tools required to repair this particular issue and have a high success rate of repair.
Please note that we will require the whole tv in our workshop for repair as it is a repair on the screen rather than a board, so don't post any boards to us!

This fix may apply to other similar Samsung models so please get in touch with your Make & Model and we will get back to you with an estimate for repair.
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We Have Moved!

March 31, 2023
We have now moved from 45 to 43A Upper Bloomfield Rd, Odd Down, Bath, BA2 2RY.

Our working hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm (close 4pm on Wednesdays).
We regularly have Call Outs so please contact us before heading over!

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Macbook Pro battery replacement service

January 4, 2023
We now offer the service of replacing the battery inside Macbook Pro models (subject to availability).
These batteries are usually glued down and it highly recommended that you do not attempt to replace them yourself due to the volatile nature of Li-Ion batteries.

Service: £75 + cost of battery - Please enquire with your model number (eg. A1502) and serial number for a quote

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October 17, 2022


Mitchell & Brown JB-43QLED1811 - £479

Mitchell & Brown JB-50QLED1811 - £549

Mitchell & Brown JB-55QLED1811 - £599

To Qualify, please order before the 5th November, a min...

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LG 32LH510B stuck in standby

September 28, 2022
LG 32LH510B stuck in standby

We have the repair kits for this particular issue, please ring for a quote

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September 9, 2022
We will be leaving our workshop of 11 years at the end of October.
We are currently in the process of finding new premises....

We will update everyone once we have a new workshop!

In the meantime we plan to keep working but apologies in advance if we are harder to reach during October due to the move.



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Samsung UE49KS7000U led tv dead/no power repair

June 10, 2022
I had two of these fantastic looking Samsung UE49KS7000U led tvs come into the workshop this week. Both with the same fault - dead/no power and although the faulty components in question were slightly different they were both repairable at a reasonable cost (Estimate £75-80).

This Samsung model looks more modern than some of the tvs being churned out now by the industry and well worth the fix.

Contact us via our online form or ring and we will be happy to help!

Known Affected Models:

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LG 43UM7400PLB intermittent startup or no power fix

May 27, 2022
LG 43UM7400PLB intermittent startup or no power fix

We had one of these lovely (when working!) tvs come into our workshop and found issues on the psu. Pleased to say that this can be repaired - Rough est. £60-£65
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LG 43UK6470 (and similar) no image/display repair - Backlights ok

May 18, 2022
LG 43UK6470 (and similar) no image/display repair - Backlights ok

We are seeing a number of LG tvs (usually 43" and 55") that are coming into the workshop with no display/no image however the backlights and other functions seem to be working ok. This can be down to a fault on the lcd panel (aka the screen) and instead of replacing the whole lcd panel which is usually uneconomical - we have a good chance of repairing the existing one and getting a perfect picture again. If your LG model is not ...
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Samsung LT32E390SXXU led tv repair - Dead/Died while watching

May 11, 2022
When released, the Samsung LT32E390SXXU 32" led tv was a very reasonably priced but solid made tv... However it looks like some of the components can randomly go "pop" and the good news is that this is repairable with upgraded components for a reasonable price!

Please contact us for a quote/appointment for drop off at the workshop.

Known tv models affected:

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32" led tv sound no picture repair from £79

February 10, 2022
We are now offering our led array replacement service for many 32" led tvs from £79* - All repairs come with a 1 year warranty on the led array.

Brands include:


*Subject to cost of the led array required.

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