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LG 43UK6470 (and similar) no image/display repair - Backlights ok

May 18, 2022
LG 43UK6470 (and similar) no image/display repair - Backlights ok

We are seeing a number of LG tvs (usually 43" and 55") that are coming into the workshop with no display/no image however the backlights and other functions seem to be working ok. This can be down to a fault on the lcd panel (aka the screen) and instead of replacing the whole lcd panel which is usually uneconomical - we have a good chance of repairing the existing one and getting a perfect picture again. If your LG model is not listed here then you can send us the model number via the Contact Us form and we will get back to you with a repair quote.

Known Affected Models:

Samsung LT32E390SXXU led tv repair - Dead/Died while watching

May 11, 2022
When released, the Samsung LT32E390SXXU 32" led tv was a very reasonably priced but solid made tv... However it looks like some of the components can randomly go "pop" and the good news is that this is repairable with upgraded components for a reasonable price!

Please contact us for a quote/appointment for drop off at the workshop.

Known tv models affected:

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32" led tv sound no picture repair from £79

February 10, 2022
We are now offering our led array replacement service for many 32" led tvs from £79* - All repairs come with a 1 year warranty on the led array.

Brands include:


*Subject to cost of the led array required.

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Samsung UE32J5100AKXXU Purple Picture or White Spots

February 10, 2022
We now have in stock the new/improved led arrays for the Samsung UE32J5100AKXXU which can suffer from a purple or blue-ish picture as well as white spots where the led lens fall off. The best and most reliable way to fix both issues is to replace the whole led array. Repair cost starts from £79 and comes with a 1 year warranty on the led array.
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Samsung UE58J5200AKXXU - dead/no power

October 14, 2021
Recently one of these very large tvs came in for repair with symptoms of no power.
Thankfully our bench is just about big enough for this beast and we were able to dismantle it for inspection.

On inspection we found blown components on the power board causing the fault. We can source various repair kits for this model and should be able to repair this at a reasonable price. Please ring for a quote and book an appointment before bringing it in. We can also collect/deliver at an additional cost.

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Bush Dled43FHDS and Toshiba 43U2963DB dead tvs

October 11, 2021
We are receiving a number of tvs in the workshop which have had power issues - usually coming in dead/no power. This can be caused by blown components on the psu board, and can usually be repaired at a reason cost. Alternatively we can usually source the correct board within a few days if required.

Despite the many different brand names, these normally come from the same manufacturer! These can be Bush, Toshiba, Hitachi, JVC and many others.

Repairing is more environmentally friendly and stops ...
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Samsung tvs with purple/bluey picture or has white spots on screen

October 11, 2021
There have been a number of Samsung tvs coming into the workshop with either a purple/bluey picture issue or have white spots.

Purple/bluey picture:
This fault is caused by a chemical change in the leds, which leads to a change in the colour they emit. We now have stock of compatible alternative to the most common Samsung strips, and can replace the whole led array to cure this fault. These strips are of better quality than the originals and should not have the same issue in the future!

White sp...

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LG TVs with purple/blue picture

April 14, 2021
There have been a number of LG tvs coming into the workshop over the last 6 months with a purple/bluey picture issue. Models affected were manufactured in or around 2018.

This fault is caused by a chemical change in the leds, which leads to a change in the colour they emit. We now have stock of compatible alternative to the most common LG strips, and can replace the whole led array to cure this fault. These strips are of better quality than the originals and should not have the same issue in t...

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Sony KDL40WD653 Sound no Picture

December 20, 2019
We have in stock the required parts to fix a fairly common issue with the Sony KDL40WD653 (and potentially other models) where the sound and backlights work, but no picture or menu appears. 

We're pretty sure it affects other similar Sony models and we will list them as we find them
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Samsung UE46F5000AKXXU led tv no start up/flashing red standby repair

February 2, 2018
We're now starting to see a few Samsung UE46F5000AKXXU led tvs coming into our workshop that no longer start up although they have a flashing red standby light showing there is still power present. Some of these initially had start up problems but would eventually work, but after extended use, then failed to come on at all.

If we can catch it early enough then hopefully we won't have to replace extra components that get damaged, but either way we have now identified and stock the required part...
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Mini DV to DVD transfer service

January 29, 2018
We can now transfer Mini DV to DVD and PC (Mp4 video format) in addition to our VHS to DVD/PC service.

We can copy up to 4 hours of footage onto DVD but in order to retain as much quality as possible we recommend no more than 2 hours per DVD.

We charge £19.95 per DVD (first DVD charged up front) and can create duplicates at a reduced price.

Transfer to Mp4 (supplied on a memory stick) will now be charged £24.95 for footage upto 2 hours, and £12 on top for every additional hour.

Discounts avail...
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Samsung UE32EH4000W tv dead/no power repair

January 24, 2018
We have recently had a few Samsung UE32EH4000W tvs coming in which are dead.
Despite not being made in the same factory as most other tv brands, they appear to suffer from a similar fault to others so we have a ready stock of components to fix them.

This affects UE32EH4000W/UE32EH4000WXXU models and potentially other Samsungs with a similar model - I will try to update as we find more.

Please note: We do not give free advice on DIY repairs, if you would like your tv repaired it will need to be b...

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Panasonic TV startup issues, green light but no Picture or Sound (2010 and 2011 models)

January 23, 2018
Recently we have had a lot of Panasonic TVs coming into our workshop with startup issues. They have the green light as usual but no picture or sound. This seems to be affecting the 2010 and 2011 models.

Please don't skip them just yet, we have the fix!

Update: We're getting a lot of inquires from outside of our area - Please contact your local tv engineer, as we don't offer a repair service over the phone or send out replacement boards for diy repair.

Check here to see where your tv engineer is:...
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VHS to PC/USB transfer

September 5, 2017
We now provide VHS to Computer conversion where we can copy your home videos onto USB in MP4 for as little as £24.95.

We will do our best to retain the VHS quality, and the recording will be saved as a MP4 video file which is compatible on most computers.

Here are our latest prices on VHS to MP4 Conversion:

VHS to USB Copy (Includes USB stick): £24.95
note: There is no discount for supplying your own usb memory stick. Charge is for One VHS transfer only
Additional VHS Transfers onto USB: £12 pe...
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LG 37LD490 TV, LG 32LE4900 TV and LG 42LE8900 TV Repair -Stuck on LG Logo on Start up

August 18, 2017
There is now a repair possible for LG TVs that become stuck on the LG Logo. This affects a lot of LG models but I have only listed the ones we have dealt with. It is likely to affect the whole series (e.g. LE4900) of a model, so if your screen size is bigger or smaller, then we may be able to fix it - Please contact us for more info 

Known Affected Models:

Please note we can only repai...

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